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SkipAve Q & A

What exactly is your 15-day money back policy?

Just like the purpose of creating SkipAve products, we prefer to do things that make our riders' life easier.  And we always practically test and regularly use the products before bringing them out; We make sure they work well.
So we just want all of our customers to be able to experience and like it the way we do. No risk should get in your way.  We're pleased to provide a 15-day money back guarantee. No questions asked! Your money back is our No.1 priority, and we just want to see product returned in reasonably good condition and undamaged. And the only thing you need to do is the arrangement of shipping it back.

Why is there an air-filled tube front tire?

You may already know that solid tires don't get punctures. But potholes and bumpy roads, which are inevitable on a trip, could be a rider's nightmare due to excessive vibration on two solid tires. Other other hand, most air-filled tubeless tires are not much better because they're actually not made well enough, such as lacking puncture-resistance and fine sealing. Once broken they're difficult to be repaired. With the combination of pneumatic tube front tire and solid rear tire on the Breeze, it maximizes the scooter's performance while keeping down the odds of getting flats. A front tire plays a major role in providing turning frictional force and shock absorption. We give Breeze an air-filled front tire for best traction and ride quality, which is super easy to be fixed if necessary. And the rear wheel, which is the motion generator, is placed with a solid tire (non air-filled). It contributes to the fact that the power wheel won't ever suffer from a punctuation. After all, we put a lot of consideration for better riding experience into Breeze's design.

What do you do if something breaks on my Breeze?

With our 15-day money back promise and 1-year warranty, you're pretty much all covered thanks to Breeze's build quality. In addition, its structural design follows the principle of both reliability and simplicity. And we make sure repairing the scooter is so easy that almost anyone with simple instructions can do it. When necessary, we either send out free replacement parts or new scooters during warranty period to provide our riders ease and peace. (We expect to receive faulty parts or scooters first.) In short, if your product stops working for none of your fault then that's on us.

Who can ride Breeze?

Anyone who is over 5' 1" (155 cm) and under 6' 4" (193 cm) tall should find it suitable. And the max loading weight for its standard performance is 264 lb (120 kg). It can still make a move, if Yao Ming gets on. But just don't expect it to go much faster than walking.

Can you replace the battery?

Yes. You probably don't have to touch the battery any time soon thanks to our 1-year warranty.  But it is fully replaceable when needed, and you would be able to handle the work with some quick instructions. 

Is SkipAve Breeze allowed for check-in luggage on a plane?

Yes and no. Most airlines do not allow small lithium battery-powered vehicles in either checked baggage or carry-on baggage due to safety concerns associated to the lithium batteries that power them. They may only allow for batteries with capacity less than 160 Wh in carry-on baggage. However, if you must move the scooter somewhere far away, you can take out the battery and send it to your destination separately. And you should be able to check in the scooter without the battery on the plane. Please check with specific airlines before making a move.

Where do I buy spare parts if needed?

Yes,  the spare parts will be available soon on our website.

Do you carry any phone holders for Breeze?

Yes.  A number of well-selected SkipAve accessories are available on our website.




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