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SkipAve simply makes daily commuting and casual travelling a breeze, by providing the most affordable premium personal transportation products for convenient short-distance travel. In a few words, SkipAve electric scooters will play a major role in assisting riders in day-to-day living, working and playing to create a more delightful lifestyle. And our first model, SkipAve Breeze, aims to be the No.1 choice for everyday commuters and casual travellers in North America.  
SKIPAVE Solution To Traffic Jam

Say Goodbye to “The First/Last Mile Problem"

Let's put it this way:
1. When you drive a car, parking could be quite difficult and expensive.

Either driving to work or for leisure purposes, parking in a city’s downtown area or at the places of interest could be time consuming and expensive due to heavy traffic and limited space available. 

2. When you take public transit.

Your final bus stop or subway station could still be a bit far to your destination, and it takes a good amount of time and energy for you to finish that one last bit of distance.

3. When you just want to quickly travel a few blocks away.

 You won’t order Uber or ride-sharing service for such short distance. Sure, you could walk or rent a bike, but that's still a bit farther than your comfortable walking distance. Rent a bike?… That doesn't make sense, the docking stations for bikes are few and far between. Plus you might have to rent a bike for at least an hour. 

 So owning a personal electric scooter is not only one of the most cost-effective transportation choices after all, but also quite a green one thanks to its handiness, adequate life span and clean electric power. And SkipAve is striving to be the best choice for you.



Our Story

We are a bunch of daily commuters ourselves, and we know the devastating pain it brings at the times when there're no parking spots available at a popular restaurant , when we're almost late for an important occasion and still got couple blocks to run from a bus stop on a hot sweaty day, and the list goes on ... That feeling sucked so bad that we vowed ourselves to helping so many fellow commuters and travellers out there just like us. So the venture started.

SkipAve (SkipAvenue) is a personal transportation company based in Vancouver, Canada. We have proudly partnered with strategic manufacturers in China, which are specialized in electrical PT products with cutting-edge technologies in the industry. And our products are checked regularly and certified by independent 3rd party organization.

Since 2019, we have been focusing on bringing high quality and performance electric scooters that satisfy the personal preferences of different customer groups to North America. That's no easy task but we're on it. Because we know e-scooters are not created equal, we will always listen to customer demands and make effort to develop products that can represent and match riders' particular lifestyles, values and characters.

We believe you all deserve a wonderful life. So let's skip the ordinary avenues, and reset the navigation, for there's always a better way ahead #onSkipAve. 

Our Vision

SkipAve is committed to lift a hundred million population worldwide to their destination everyday with ease and fun, and to become the top 10 coolest personal transportation company. 

Our Mission

We are dedicated to helping households worldwide to achieve a convenient and delightful lifestyle, and to simplify personal transportation.

SkipAve For Everyone to Enjoy Life